Artwork File Types

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Embroidery decoration can be used to promote your brand on most fabric products from clothing to bags. 


The embroidery process begins with providing your logo or artwork. Your logo/artwork is then "digitised" which converts two dimensional artwork into stitches or thread.


Digitising an image can be simple to very complicated depending on the size and the detail of the image. The more stitches required, the more cost is involved.


Digitising your logo/artwork for embroidery is normally a one-time process and requires relatively clean artwork as a starting point. 



The digitising process automates the machine stitching but the process is still hands. The required thread colours must be loaded by hand into the machines. The machine itself is programmed by the operator to sew the design in a particular colour sequence and a particular sewing speed.


Once the design has completed sewing, the garment is taken off the machine, and then sent to the next step in the production process.





3D Embroidery